How to Start Targeting Men on Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the most popular social media platforms out there today. It prompts higher sales than even Facebook. Since its launch, it has been obvious that the network has a strong appeal to women, with a limited number of male users. Today, there is a growing number of men using the site and they are primed for product marketing. So, how can you make sure that you are targeting the male user on Pinterest?

With the right strategy, you can make changes that will help you focus more on marketing to men on Pinterest.

Find images that will appeal to male users

The types of images that will attract many women are not the same images that will spark a man’s interest.

Look for images that appeal to the type of man you are trying to target for your brand. If your primary audience follows sports closely, make sure that you are pinning accordingly.

Find images of cars, men’s fashions, travel pictures, recreational pins, technology, and anything that might appeal to them while also making sense for your brand.

Follow other male interest boards

This is a great way for you to gain some additional insight to what your male audience is looking at on Pinterest.

What type of content are they engaging with the most? What images are seeing the most interaction with likes and repins?

By following the same boards that are being followed by your target men, you will be able to see what types of things you should be pinning to your boards. It also gives you an opportunity to stay on top of trends in the marketplace and to see what types of products are seeing a rise in popularity.

Use Pinterest Promoted Pins

The Promoted Pins feature is really gaining traction on the social network. Brands can use these pins to reach a specific segment of their audience. This even allows you to target only men.

When you have a product that is specifically for men, this feature makes it easy to aim it right at the male members of your audience, giving it more strength than just simply putting it on a board and hoping someone sees it.

Build your audience from the outside

You don’t have to try and grow your male audience from inside of Pinterest. Focus on strong content marketing on your website, blog, and other social channels and you can encourage those followers to start following you on Pinterest as well.

Start with the channels where you know a lot of your target audience already spends its time. If you have a lot of followers on your Facebook or Instagram accounts, then let them know about following you on Pinterest as well.

Don’t forget to include links to follow you on your website and blog, plus the signature part of your emails and newsletters.

Use basic Pinterest marketing

No matter who you are targeting on Pinterest, the same marketing principles apply.

Pin consistently and use keywords in your descriptions. Sign up for a business account if you haven’t already.

Use your analytics tools to keep track of what is working for your audience and what needs to be changed.

Pinterest is becoming one of the strongest social marketing tools available for brands today. Make sure you are making the most of it and reaching a part of your audience that most businesses tend to overlook.

Are you targeting your male audience on Pinterest?

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